Welcome to Zero Waste Pantry

Online shopping with Zero Waste Pantry is here to help make your journey to low waste even easier!

There are three options to choose from and all you need to do is select the option you prefer at the checkout. Once your order is complete you will receive an email for collection during opening hours. If we are delivering then we will contact you to tell you when your order will be delivered.

Option 1 - Paper bags - your order will be packed in paper bags, any liquids require you to bring a bottle to refill when you collect your order. If we are delivering your order will be pack liquids in clean re-usable jars or bottles and ask that you wash them out ready to be collected/returned with your next order. There is a 2p per paper bag charge that will be added to your order.

Option 2 - Returnable containers - We pack your order in various re-usable tubs/jars/bottles that have been cleaned and sanitised by us. Once you get your order, transfer the goods into your own containers at home, give them a light wash and then return them to us with your next pickup/delivery. There will be a deposit of £2 for smaller orders or £4 for larger orders refundable once containers are returned.

Option 3 - Drop and Go - Do you want to use your own containers? You still can! Drop your containers in once you have completed your order online. Make sure they are clean and dry (at least on the outside) and that it is clear which container you would like each product to go in. If you don't mind we will make that decision for you. Once your order is packed we will contact you for collection/delivery.