Greenscents Castile soap 100g

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Greenscents all-purpose organic Castile Soap is a fantastic all-rounder. Perfect for travelling and for those who prefer a single product. A very concentrated product that is suitable for laundry and general cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and surfaces, Greenscents Organic Castile Soap is also suitable for personal care.

A few drops of Greenscents Castile Soap is enough for most purposes. Perfect for travelling, our castile soap can be used for washing laundry, organic stain removal, general surface cleaning and personal care (body, teeth, hair). Greenscents castile soap is excellent for cleaning ceramics.To brighten whites, replace your laundry liquid with approximately twice the volume of castile soap on a hot wash.

Ingredients - Potassium oleate***, potassium cocoate***, glycerine***, sucrose cocoate, potassium citrate, citric acid.