TEA - Jasmin Green Tea

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Organic Jasmine Green Tea (Camellia sinensis). This tea is also Fairtrade from the Kao Shui Tea Garden in China, which is part of the Da Zhang Shan – one of the oldest organic and Fairtrade tea projects in China. Jasmine Green tea is the most famous scented tea, created when Green tea is layered with Jasmine flower buds and then left for 12 hours overnight. During this time, the buds open, and their floral scent is released into the tea. The next morning the buds are removed. This process is repeated several times, creating the beautiful, delicate flavour for which Jasmine tea is known.

Tasting Notes - Distinct delicate floral Jasmine, with a touch of
green tea astringency

Brew 1 tsp for 3mins at 80 degrees